Are you looking for a calculator that can do it all? Then look no more. The scientific calculator gives you all that you need in a calculator. The scientific calculator features more than that of an ordinary calculator and the good things about this application is that it can be accessed through the internet. There are also other features added which you can not see in a simple calculator and these features add more capabilities to this online calculator. Basically, the scientific calculator is online upon getting it you can select your preference as you install the application which includes the design, animations included and other essential things that you want to have in your very own online calculator.
What’s the difference with this scientific calculator among others?

Let us take a look at the different features that the scientific calculator has in order for us to understand its violability and usefulness. First of all, this scientific calculator is unique among others because users are able to change the mood or the skin of the calculator into either a darker or lighter shades. Furthermore, you can also customize it. Here you can add skins that have a personal touch. Another thing that you’ll notice with this online calculator is that the results are animated and these animations include spinning, flips and rotations each time results are reflected on the calculator. Adding your own animation is also possible provided that you are able to operate with CSS animations in creating customize animations.

When we talk about designs, this scientific calculator comes also with a selection of designs. Initially, the application comes with a classic solar look. However, if you happen to prefer a different look for your calculator, all you have to do is to change some settings in order to make your calculator appear the way you want it to be. Moreover, you could also configure the scientific calculator to be good. This feature allows you to drag the calculator around your screen for accessibility convenience. However, if you want to have it placed in a fixed location that is also possible by adjusting the settings of the calculator.

Now let’s take a look at the memory capacity of the calculator. Like simple calculators, the scientific calculator also has this capacity by pressing the button MS as the results appears. This is the only feature that is saved from the original version of the calculator then was added to this scientific calculator. Another unique feature of this scientific calculator is the mini-calculators. These mini-calculators are designed for specific functions. You are able to calculate and generate result for physics like velocity and acceleration, calculate body mass index and also get some depreciation and appreciation value in your finances. Overall, the features and functionality of this scientific calculator is more is more than that of a simple calculator and this is because of the demands that are needed to be met and satisfy calculator users.

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